Sikh Mission of Virginia
501(c) (3) not-for-profit Organization dedication to the Creator Lord and His Creation
Recognize All Humanity as One Race

About Us


Sikhi with no limits


Our organization, Sikh Mission of Virginia (SMV), has been serving the faithful for over a year. Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, provide leadership guidance to children (our future generation) and work towards a greater good. We are tireless in our efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. We help those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment find the path that will lead them to a higher power (Waheguru). Our faith based outreach serves people of all races, creeds, and religions. We do not discriminate. We merely support our fellow human race, and serve as a guiding light that is based on Guru Nanak's principles of Kirat Kamai (honest living), Naam Japna (meditate on His Name) and Vand Chhakhna (Share with the unfortunate and  needy).


Sikh Mission of Virginia is organized exclusively for charitable, religious and education purposes to meet the following objectives:

  1. Advancement of Human Potential
  2. Advancement of Sikh Faith (“Dharma”) and Congregations ("Divan")
  3. Advancement of Sikh Code of Conduct (“Rehat Maryada”) and Sikh Initiation or Baptism (“Amrit Sanchaar”)
  4. Advancement of Sikh Community and Humanity at large (“Sarbat da Bhala”)
  5. Advancement of teaching of Sikhi, History, Punjabi Culture, Music, Self-defense ("Gatka") and Gurmat

Our membership is growing at a steady pace in Northern Virginia. With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of our Sikh faith based family.

We encourage you to bring your children and family as the motivation behind this initiative is to encourage our next generation to understand, love and cherish the Holy message ("Bani") of the ten Nanaks, adopt truthful living and follow Sikhi way of life.  Moreover, since this organization is dedicated to children and their future, we welcome all kids to participate in the leadership series, where the kids enjoy participating in various facets of the organization, and are mentored in various roles by the elders.

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