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 Multanis support US Army of Engineers to build a stronger Afghanistan
News source:, posted by JC Delgaldillo on 22 Feb 2013

Amarjeet Singh from Sikh Mission of Virginia shared the news posted by US Army Corps of Engineers (Trans-Atlantic South). The news posting recognises a Sikh husband and wife who have been actively supporting United States Army of Corp Engineers in various international engagements during deployments.

Picture source: US Army Corps of Engineers news article dated 22 Feb 2013. All credit goes to US Army Corps of Engineers for printing and sharing this story.

Balwant Multani is a practicing Sikh who helped varous projects in Saudi Arabi and is now helping in Kandhar Afghanistan. Click on this link to read more about their life dedication and involvement with a noble cause. This is an excellent example of Sikh professionals who did not limit their degrees to just corporate America, but rather to making a difference. based on Guru Nanak's philosophy, and message to serve all humanity.

You can also read the pdf version of the news (clikc on the right).  
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 Children (ages 7-15) inspire sangat congregation to join in collective Shabd Kirtan
3 March 2013

During the 3rd March 2013 congregation of Sikh Mission of Virginia, most of the agenda was dedicated to the Sikh children. The evening started with the recitation of Rehras Sahib by members of the congregation. No granthi was present, however, in the presence of our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, everyone rejoiced the message from Rehras Sahib. The objective is (1) to encourage members of Sadh Sangat (congregation) to participate in the reading of Guru ka Shabd and gain better understanding of its message, rather than just listening, and (2) not leave the reading to just a granthi. While the role of granthi is important, Guru ka Shabd is highly encouraged to any Sikhi abiding individual who wishes to share it with the congregation.

Harbans Singh sang a Shabd hymn dedicated to Baghat Ravi Das. It was an amazing experience as there was no music and the singing itself from the human vocal chords added to the melody. The singing itself is inspiration to all Sikhs that even if there is no musical instriument nor does one not know how to play an instrument, Shabd can still be shared with Sangat... it is the internal spirit and passion to sing and share Guru ka Shabd (Holy Word/Message).

Harsimran Kaur and all children from the congregation collectively sang Guru Ka Shabd  Ikpreet Kaur shared a short speech on why she likes to come to the Sikh Mission of Virginia.  Ikpreet was followed by Jass Brar, who shared information about Harmandir Sahib (Darbar Sahib), its history, architecture and memories of his recent visit to Harmandir Sahib in January 2013. These were awesome-awesome presentations. The kids inspired the adults to join in as well - loud and clear.  

Gurpreet Singh provided an update on the Leadership Series project, as well as welcomed applications for adult volunteers to help build and run the project. Gurpreet also encouraged children to particiapte in the organization as assistants to develop organization and leadership skills in addition to team management and collaboration. 

Amarjeet Singh shared the details of the Nankana Sahib Saka (Massacre of Nanakana Sahib) with the audience in great details. The speech was well-researched and shared with passion. The congregation learned facts about the Sikh martyrs who as patriots protected the sanctity of the birthplace of Guru Nanak, Founder of Sikh Faith. It was also identified that the "mahants" being Sikhs in attire did not practice the true religion and principles, thus signifying ones actions matter more than mere words.

The congregation then joined to meditate on His Naam(Name) by collectively performing Naam Simran of "Sat Naam Waheguru". The children led by Harsimran Kaur (age 13) then sang the Anand Sahib, followed by Ardas and Hukamnama. Amarjeet Singh also explained the Hukamnama to the sangat. Gur Prasaad was then shared followed by everyone enjoying guru ka Langar (community sharing).
SGGS_Hukamnama_page 609-610_3Mar2013.pdf
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 Bhai Gurdarshan Singh ji shares Bhagat Ravi Das message of love of Waheguru (Lord/God) and Humanity
24 February 2013

Sikh Mission of Virginia had the pleasure of enjoying the company of Bhai Gurdarshan Singh. Bhai Gurdarashan Singh shared the Shabd gurbani and Katha to celebrate the  Gurpurab (birth) of Bhagat Ravi Das. Sadh sangat joined Bhai ji in singing various hymns, with two prominent ones being...

The congregation enjoyed two presentations by school children - Navpreet Kaur and Sharan Kaur. Navpreet shared her thoughts on why she would like to become Guru Nanak's Sikh? Sharan Kaur reviewed two short essays from non-Sikh western authors who evaluated Japji Sahib and shared their perspectives. The essays were (a) "Some thoughts on Japji - Morning prayer of the Sikhs", by Arthur Evans Liolin and (b) "Impressions of the Sikh morning prayer" by Harold White. The presentations were very impressive and the kids enjoyed applaud (Bole so Nihal, Sat Sri Akal) from the audience in the presence of Eternal Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Amarjeet Singh shared some quick thoughts on Nankana Sahib Saka, an event that dates back to 1921 when thousands of Sikhs gained martyrdom to relieve the Nankana Sahib (in original Punjab) from self-elected individuals ("mahants") who opened fire on local masses during the Akali movement in British Rule of India (details can be found here).

Gurpreet Singh shared the launch of a new project titled "Sikh Leadership Series" by Sikh Mission of Virginia. The objective of the project is to encourage Sikh children, parents, staff and anyone from the local community, including but not limited to non-Sikhs, to share research, thoughts, perspectives, Gurmat Sangeet and Katha with regards to Sikhi, theology, religion, philosophy and science. The project is not new, since these activities have been performed at SMV from inception, however, the project is being formalized, as a structured program. This program also plays emphasis on children to participate in various administrative functions of the organization, and mentored by the adults. Every quarter, a child and adult will be recoginized for their participation and presentation that addressed challenges, educated the congregation and most importantly, inspire future leaders. Gurpreet welcomed members of the congregation to come forward and sign up to develop future Sikh leaders that can make a positive difference on world stage.

Sikh Mission of Virginia also celebrated the birthday of Manveen Kaur, daughter of Jatinder Singh. Bhai Gurdarshan Singh gave a gift on behalf of the organization and the congregation, and prayed to Waheguru (God/Lord) to shower Manveen with His Blessings.

The congregation ended with all Sadh Sangat participating in Anand Sahib, Ardas and listening to the Hukamnama (Daily Message of Waheguru/God/Lord).

 Sikh Mission of Virginia holds its Annual Meeting with Sadh Sangat

17 February 2013

Sikh Mission of Virginia organized its annual meeting on 17 February 2013. It was a well-attended meeting during which members of the congregation enjoyed the Gurbani shabd hymns and Hukamnama from Sri guru Granth Sahib, holy book of the Sikhs, prior to the annual meeting. Two young children from the congragation also dedicated a small speech to Baba Ajit Singh, one of the sons of tenth Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh. The Sadh Sangat (congregation) enoyed solo Gurbani Shabd from Harbans Singh, without any musical instrument. Everyone appears to be immersed in the Shabd and one with Waheguru (Lord/God).  

During the meeting, while the current Secretary, Amarjeet Singh managed the agenda for the evening, Harbans Singh, as Trustee of the organization, led the meeting and shared the organization finance updates and objectives with the Sadh Sangat.  It was highly encouraged for the congregation to consider contributing to the organization as members, volunteers and donors.

Following the speech by Harbans Singh, every member of the congregation was encouraged and welcomed to address the Sadh Sangat with a quick introduction and share suggestions as to how to help achieve the objectives of the organization, including but not limited to new ideas to exapnd the outreach programs of the organization and build it into a regional brand. Men, women and children, of all ages and backgrounds participated in this highly democratic process, not usually witnessed in most faith-based organizations. The organization duly noted the suggestions, feedback and comments. In fact, some of the adult members had never had the opportunity to address the congregation or public from a stage podium and appreciated the opportunity. The feedback from the kids was especially eye-opening and impressive.

In conclusion, Sikh Mission of Virginia annual meeting was a huge success. The meeting ended with everyone enjoying "Guru ka Langar" prepared by the community kitchen. New attendees had the opportunity to meet and enjoy the warm welcome.

A few glimpses of the congregation at the annual meeting...




We welcome you to visit the list of resources shared herein to expand your knowledge and find answers to some of your questions. We welcome your suggestions as well for any resource links that may be helpful for the community. Please note that every suggestion will be reviewd by the management to ensure it aligns with the objectives of the organization and its mission for the great good of society and human race.

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Below is the list of Hukamnama receieved during the past Sadh Sangat congregations at Sikh Mission of Virginia:

3-Mar-2013 (Sunday)

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24-Feb-2013 (Sunday)






17-Feb-2013 (Sunday)

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