Sikh Mission of Virginia
501(c) (3) not-for-profit Organization dedication to the Creator Lord and His Creation
Recognize All Humanity as One Race


Sikh Mission of Virginia offers various services to its congregation and community at-large, The intent of these services are to support the unfortunate, needy, poor and those impacted by sudden tragedies such as natural disasters or unforeseen events of life. We also welcome positive feedback or ideas from the community to improve our services and be progressive to keep up with the times without sacrificing the fundamental principles of humanity and Sikh faith.
Gurbani Services
Other Gurdwara Services

Weekly Diwan
Sikh Mission of Virginia welcomes people of all faiths to come and join the weekly congregation of Sikhs to cherish the hymns and blessed message of Lord Almighty ("Waheguru or Wah Guru") via bani of the ten Sikh Gurus. The first Diwan was held on 12th April 2012, a day before the mega event Vaisakhi.  We had over 45 people in attendance. We had a wonderful selection of food ("Langar") prepared by the cmmunity ("Sangat"). Everyone had a great time. Much thanks to all the families that prepared the langar and supported the Diwan. Toom's Electronics for donating the prize. We are already looking forward to next year's event

Sehaj & Akhand Paath at Home
We welcome requests from the local community to perform Sehaj Paath at personal homes. Sehaj Paath involves the reading of the Guru Granth Sahib (all 1430 pages) in a slow and understandable manner so the members of the house or community understand the deeper meaning of the Guru's holy message, and thus apply in their every day lives via personal actions. Kids are highly encouraged to particiapte. Any member from the community is welcome to volunteer. feel free to contact our staff.

Gurbani Kirtan at Home
We welcome the opportunity to perform Gurbani Kirtan at your home, if such a need arises. We strongly encourage our Sikh Children to participate and perform at the kirtan events, and share their talent with the community. At times, only Naam Simran may be requested, where the congregation may meditate on the holy word "Wahe Guru Sat Naam".

Langar Sewa
Every week the Diwan ends with community-based Langar service (community kitchen) where the food is prepared by volunteers. You are welcome to sign up for the Langer Sewa by contacting the organization via email or call us at (703) 594-1699. 

Donation Drives
Throughout the year, our volunteers  coordinate various donation drives that are either season in nature like Fall Drive to support internal volunteer based community project, or support specific projects such as  relief efforts for natural disasters or fight against diseases. The organization always welcomes new ideas to support the nation and community on a global basis to support the Sikhi principles as advocated by the 10 Nanaks of Sikh faith.

An Evening with Stage Presenters
During various evening diwans, members of the local Sikh community irrespective of age, gender, caste, creed or nationality, share their thoughts and research on various issues and topics, including but not limited to, Holy message from The Sri Guru Granth Sahib, national and international events that impact humanity at-large, and most importantly discussions around challenges and opportunities that children/youth face. Seating may be  limited, however, all present are accommodated with open hands and minds.

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